Our rates are all inclusive of the following:

  • R 2 000 Deposit Required

  • Includes Insurance, service and maintenance  

  • Includes 3 000 FREE kilometers per month.  Thereafter a rate of R 0.80 per kilometer apply.

  • Minimum rental term of 14 consecutive days.

  • Terms and Conditions apply

Class A Rentals

Opel Corsa - Silver_edited.jpg
2 Door
or Similar

  R 3300 per month

(R 110.00 per day​)

Class B Rentals

Hyundai Atos SPH650GP 2_edited_edited.jp
Hyundai Atos 1.4
or Similar

  R 3400 per month

(R 113.00 per day​)

Class C Rentals

Kia Picanto 1.1
or Similar

  R 3500 per month

(R 115.00 per day​)

Class D Rentals

Daihatsu Sirion SZM_edited.jpg
Daihatsu Sirion 1.3
or Similar

  R 3600 per month

(R 120.00 per day​)

Class E Rentals

Fiat Panda silver CV_edited.jpg
Fiat Panda 1.2 
or Similar

  R 3800 per month

(R 126.00 per day​)

Class F Rentals

Datsun Go Silver Photo - DX65PPGP_edited
Datsun Go 1.2
or Similar

  R 3900 per month

(R 130.00 per day​)

Class G Rentals

Ford Figo DH08KDGP.JPG
Ford Figo 1.4
or Similar

  R 4000 per month

(R 133.00 per day​)

Class H Rentals

Suzuki Swift White 2_edited.jpg
Suzuki Swift 1.4
or Similar

  R 4500 per month

(R 150.00 per day​)